Quick support at operational failures, flexible and short-term operational readiness

Maintenance and inspection

for Disconnector and Earthing Switches up to 800 kV

In addition to the standard maintenance work, we offer you tailor-made maintenance programs.

The qualitative condition of the equipment is determined by wear, age and external influences. After evaluating the determined data, we will create you a state assessment in which we will provide detailed the measures to increase the life expectancy. This allows reduction of unexpected default rates by which additional costs are minimized.

Adjustment and commissioning

of Disconnector and Earthing Switches up to 800 kV

Overhaul and repair work of Disconnector and Earthing Switches for reuse
Services and repair work for motor and compressed air drives

Technical Engineering

which we would like to introduce preferably to you  here:

Development of special components and main-subassemblies inclusive design drawings and type-testing acc. IEC specification.

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